The financier lends the customer the money to buy a new or used vehicle. Commercial Hire Purchase. The financier buys the car and then hires it to the consumer over a set period. Finance Lease. Novated Lease. Operating Lease. Chattel Mortgage.

In last few years, there has been a growing trend among the people to regularly upgrade their cars after using them for few years. What this does is that it has exponentially grown the used car market. And since used cars offer a good value for money option, many people do not hesitate in going for old cars. Unlike earlier, the lenders are also willing to help buyers buy these cars through used car loans.

Asean Capital offers finance for used cars. Used car loans are offered to purchase a wide variety of cars ranging from small hatchbacks to SUVs and luxury cars. By using technology, the entire process of used car loan application and disbursal is done in a very quick and transparent manner.

Large banks tend to avoid lending for used cars and even when they do, the terms are not beneficial for borrowers. Mostly, banks want a down payment of upto 20%. From borrowers. But if one avails used car loan from Asean Capital, it's possible to get a loan of upto 90% of car's valuation. This means that only 10% is to be brought in by the borrower as down payment.

Car loan for used cars can be availed for a period of upto 5 years. This is unlike most lenders who are only willing to lend for upto a maximum of 36 months. Asean Capital also gives borrowers the option of customizing their used car loan repayment schedule as per their convenience. Some of the innovative options being offered are: Step-Up (EMIs increase gradually), Step-Down (EMIs reduce every year), Bullet Payment (allows prepayment in parts, at periodic intervals) and Ballooning Option (lower EMIs with bigger payment in last EMI).