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Software development is the process of developing the software through different phases like computer programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing, etc. These are the primary things in software development process. Software development also includes research, prototyping, reuse, re­-engineering, modification, new development, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

Why your business needs Mobile Application

Business through mobile application is often simple and easy process. There are lots many startups who reached their business goal by simply deploying their business services on a simple owned mobile application. The question here is does business firm need mobile app? And that can make lot of business in less span of time?

Proven steps to promote your business online

Promoting the goods or services online often deals with planning, execution, measurement and understanding of the different online portals. Good planning, proper execution and measurement will increase your Return on investment (ROI)

How to Choose a Best Online Examination System

Before going to deliver any product or project testing is the must and should activity that we have to do about it. Without testing, we cannot decide the product/project quality and performance assurance. Means testing plays a very crucial role while going to decide anything’s quality. In the same manner before going to decide a person’s intelligence, working capability, and problem solving skills we have to conduct tests for them in the particular area where we want to test them. Means while going to recruit the people for the job, while selecting the students to the colleges or schools and scholarship test for merit students, you have to conduct the test. So for conducting tests, there are so many ways. Those are written test, Jam (if you want to know their talking power), Group Discussions (if you want to know their managing capability). But while conducting written test it is becoming a very long process.Here,

*You have to prepare the question paper and need to take hard copies according candidate’s number.

*Again need to correct all the papers and finalize the result.

*While writing the exam, you have to monitor them also.

*It is very time taking and needs more resources.

*There are many possibilities that the candidate can do with cheating

So to overcome these problems there is one solution, i.e., online examination system.

Online examination system

Online examination system is software where we can conduct any kind of examinations (recruiting, school/college entrance test, competitive tests). Here you just need to enter all questions and answers at once.

Whenever a candidate registered with it with the particular examination name, automatically it will display question paper to the candidate and it will correct the paper after completion of the exam.

There will be a time period for the exam, after completion of the exam automatically system will close.

Asean Capital: An Innovative and Matured IT Software Provider

An Innovative and Matured IT Software Provider

Asean Capital offers a proven software service that can build, maintain and enhance enterprise systems that value to your business. We test smart, fast and deliver them a quality product quickly as soon as possible. We are the affordable IT Consulting company in Hyderabad providing the effective services to the clients which helps to improve their business innovatively.

We design and develop many software products based on the client’s needs and requirements, which will fulfill the client’s works fruitful and efficient. We mainly focus on core business and based on the core business requirements we design the software products to make the work easy and the business to be efficient. Our diligent software developers has designed some of the products like GPS vehicle tracking software, school management software, ERP Solutions, Financial modules etc.